"Unique and imaginative images that identify the spirit that drives your enterprise" 

corporate and private commissions


"Essential to my painting is the ease to which a viewer can access and interact with the picture.  From this premise has developed an approach that through its clarity of image makes it immediately accessible.  Behind this ‘outer surface’ exist layers of meaning….some intentional, some suggested and some for the viewer to complete.  My pictures portray and elaborate on everyday lives.  They are often witty, sometimes ironic or sardonic. Perhaps it is because so many can easily identify with the pictures that my approach has successfully translated to the commission market.  Coupled with a technique that has developed over thirty years of painting, I can confidently offer my individual style, ideas and approach to both corporate and private clients.  You will certainly get a very personal composition that will continue to intrigue for years to come.  

"Commissioned paintings make superb boardroom or reception centre pieces.  Always a talking point, the images can be utilized in corporate publicity, annual reports, Christmas gifts, etc. Limited edition prints can be arranged.


shelf_life.jpg (54003 bytes)
Shelf Life
Oil on Canvas
Commissioned by
Warehouse Systems Ltd
West Yorks


   mkw.jpg (39066 bytes)
Making Knowledge Work
Oil on Canvas
For the University of Bradford


Terry was in my life, in my dreams, in my hair!
Oil on Canvas
For Sabel Cosmetics
Filling Time
Oil on Canvas
For J & R Rayner, Dentists


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Bradford Carers
Drypoint Prints 
Each 234cmx117cm
Bradford Royal Infirmary 


Private Commissions

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Tailor made original paintings to celebrate a special occasion; an unusual family portrait
(click on illustration); or just pure self indulgence!


  Price Guide

150x100cm    £3000                                                                                             

100x75cm      £2000

75x50cm        £1250

50x30cm         £600

These prices are intended as a guide only and may vary depending on the complexity of the picture.  Size of canvas can be made to suit client preference. Paintings are in oil on high quality canvas presented in simple hardwood frame.  Inclusive of all research.