Men of Substance

'My painting career began with tense yet humorous depictions of urban life.  More recent work now takes my commentary far beyond the simple, observed situation and I hope adds a contemporary perspective on the Northern painting tradition. Whilst maintaining a deep sense of irony and tension, my critical gaze now examines the complexities of the human condition. 
The results are multi-layered narratives - at times confusing, deliberately open-ended and enticing the viewer to speculate their interpretation, adding their own experience.  This discursive, 'is it or isn't it?' kind of text is heightened by the assortment of visual devices I employ.  Semi-transparency, subtle distortion and visual metaphor provides a visual link between the real and the suggested, the imagined, or the past. My painting style is deliberate and precise, be it paintings in oil, pastel drawings, traditional or digitally embellished prints. Recent projects have focused on Hebden Bridge - offering both an alternative take on this isiosyncratic town as well as straightforwardly honest landscapes and townscapes'


Don Myers has exhibited throughout the world, most notably with the Nicholas Treadwell Gallery.  He undertakes commission work for private and corporate clients
He trained in Fine Art at Portsmouth Polytechnic and received an MA with Distinction in Printmaking at Bradford College.
He has taught widely at all levels and works on a freelance basis in Visual Arts Development and project management. 


Don's Virtual Open Studio video